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History information courtesy of the Omokoroa History Group.

During the 1920’s the railway was built through the district linking Tauranga with Waihi and Auckland.  With the influx of railway workers there were more children to attend Omokoroa School (now called No1 school).

The farmers on the Omokoroa Point peninsula felt there was a need for a second Omokoroa school which was closer for their children.  Representation was made to the Auckland Education Board in 1927 but this was turned down.  Mr Cyril Gane petitioned again in 1928 and it was then agreed that a combined school and hall could be built.  In the meantime Mr C Gane had already started a small school in his home with a friend Miss Marjory Steele as the teacher.

On the 24th February 1928 after approval was given by the Auckland Education Board, Omokoroa No2 School was established for a short time in a railway hut which had been used during rail construction.  This hut is still attached to the back of the original hall beside the present Settlers Hall.

In 1929 the local farmers built the hall/school on land given by Mr John Prole.  The Education Board paid a rental of 7/6 pence per week for the use of the building as a school.  The first permanent head teacher from 1929-1937 was Miss Doreen Bramley.  She became Mrs Tom Francis.  In those days the teachers boarded with local families.

Some of the older children were reluctanat to transfer from Omokoroa No1 School when this new school opened as Grace Adams (Carlson) remembers.  “One day when two of the Prole children set out to go to No1 School they were met by my father who waved his walking stick and sent them back home to tell their mother they had to go to the new Omokoroa No2 School.”

In the 1930’s and 1940’s some of the children rode their horses to school while others walked.  At this time there were about 30 students attending this small sole charge school.  Often on Friday nights, the desks had to be stacked up in one corner so the local community could use the building in the weekends.  There were often dances, meetings, weddings and other functions.  The school/hall was the social centre for the district.

As the population grew there was a need for a larger school and in 1959 land was bought in Hamurana Road from Mr Alan Unsworth.  This is where the new school was built and renamed Omokoroa Point School.  It was officially opened on 18th March 1959.  This school has continued to grow from 114 students in 1982 to 200 students in 2012.  Hamurana Road is a great site for the school with its wonderful views over the harbour.